How the screwing started.

It was years ago.  I was young and hot.  Not only was I hot, but I was also hot to trot.  Damn good at if you must know.

I went to work in a bar.  That's what hot to trot hot chicks do right?  So anyway, there I was happily working away and happily living my life when it happened.

The boss's wife accuses me of screwing her fucking husband. WHAT THE FUCK BITCH?  He's a damn fucking dog!  I got me some class bitch.  I'm fucking the banker lady's old man.  He's hot.

She proceeds to carry on about this shit.  Seems, while I was leaving my car in the lot after hours to go play twinkle toes with the banker dude, the other barmaid was leaving her car in the alley, and screwing the boss.

Now, while this was NOT funny at the time, looking back at the whole story, it is so blog worthy.

You see, I left.  Hell, I knew it didn't matter.  I knew I was good in the sack and the banker dude didn't really care where I worked as long as I had twinkle toe time!  So I moved on to another bar, took my banker friend with me (and his money).

Other barmaid continues to screw the boss.

Fast forward a few years.   Barmaid comes up pregnant.  Boss man does the right thing cause he got caught doing the wrong thing.  He divorces the bitch he's married to and marries the bitch he got knocked up that is half his age.  Lose Lose.

Problem is, banker friend gets so stressed out that ex boss got caught playing hide the salami with the barmaid he dumps my ass and runs back to the rich banker wife.  Not that I cared, I was too busy laughing at what happened to the bitch that stuck the knife in my back to start with.

I mean really, what was I doing to hurt her?  I wasn't even giving her husband a second look.  Her husband had to foot too many of her shopping bills.  He didn't have what I wanted.

I think this was the start of my down fall.  I decided that this one little mistake, is what I've paid for the rest of my life.  However, looking back.  It was so worth it.  That dude knew what he was doing.

Oh wait, that was not the first time I got a knife in my back.  You'll have to wait for that story.


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