Introduction to cheap condoms

You will find out damn fast that I am a very religious person.  By the end of this first selection you are going to know I am a full fledged card carrying, front row sitting, fucking Catholic girl.

You will understand that my mother fucking attitude is that if it can't be fixed inside the fucking church, it isn't going to be fixed any where.

You are also going to know that I am pretty sure the rest of you bastards are The Devil in Gucci!  I waste all my time dealing with you mother fuckers and in the end, life still fucks me over.

Won't be long before you are all going to know that just one more fucking asswipe crosses my path, it will be ugly.

This blog is here because you douche bags that seem to cross my path on a daily basis, don't want to die.  Trust me, if one more Mother fucker smiles at me while they are stabbing me in the back it's going to be over.

I'm going to reach back there, grabbed the nastiest, rustiest, bloodiest knife in my back, and I'm gonna cut a bitch.

I don't mind that life screws me over all the time.  However, I'm tired of the cheap ass condoms that break in the middle of it all. 

So, knock it the fuck off!  Buy the good condoms if you are going to hang around me. 

 There is a comment box down there.  Put on a condom and leave a comment.  I dare you!

I'm already bent over, so go ahead asshole.

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